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Dawson Andrews

an independent digital product firm

Monday 01 January 1900

Head of Business Development

Over the past 4 years Dawson Andrews has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies helping to add significant value to their company through their digital products and platforms. The company has experienced significant growth with very little focus on business development activity which can be attributed to it’s refreshing approach to its value proposition, very high conversion rates and it’s team members. The opportunity now exists to bring in a member of the team that will share the company ambition and to bring the company through a new phase of extensive growth.

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Head of Operations

Your main role will be to lead the operations function of Dawson Andrews. Through the role you will ensure that all projects have been costed and delivered effectively, exceeding customer expectation while remaining within timescales and budget.

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Forget what type of designer you are. Graphic, UI, UX...whatever. We prefer designers to be able to prototype and write their own front-end code when needed. Send us whatever you feel is appropriate. Portfolio, Dribbble, an article you’ve written.

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Full Stack Engineer

Front-end, Full Stack, Architect, Senior Engineer...whatever. If your thing is APIs, Rails, Sinatra or you like working with Machine Learning & AI then come have a yarn. At DA most of our current work is with React, Vue.Js and React Native.

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