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Dawson Andrews

an independent digital product firm

Monday 01 January 1900

Financial Services

Regulators are shutting down income streams year on year. Financial services are reinventing themselves.

  • Expertise

    Data-driven product, Conversion performance, Compliance, security and regulatory understanding, Optimisation of existing digital flows.

  • Platform

    Oracle, Stripe, Payhere, Web, iOS, React, React Native.

  • Deliverables

    We design and develop digital solutions alongside the internal teams of our clients. , We focus on delivering measurable business value for financial organisations.,

We specialise in conversion flows for financial products within banking and insurance.

Technologies like mobile, machine intelligence, digital currencies, and peer-to-peer finance have given people powerful new ways to manage their money. But success depends on more than creating new apps or unbundling financial services—companies must fundamentally change the way they engage with customers.

The FCA are cutting limbs off ancient banking systems and with it, billions in old revenues. The closing of the unarranged overdraft market alone cost the industry £700m last year. Data-Driven Product development will pave new and sustainable revenue streams and with it, the future of digital banking.


Peter Gourley
Head of Digital Channels, Danske Bank

Technology technology technogy. I'm a smart person saying smart things.


Sean Duffy
Innovation Markets Leader, EY

Technology technology technogy. I'm a smart person saying smart things.


Paul Dougherty
Senior Strategist, AIB

Technology technology technogy. I'm a smart person saying smart things.


Gerry Malon
CEO, Tesco Bank

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Account opening flows

Taking existing account opening processes we optimise them for today's mobile-first customer. We start with analysing the existing performance and roll out incremental changes to nudge the needle the right way. Measuring every change allows us to take a binary approach and deliver on expected conversion goals set at the start of every project.

Frictionless third-party input

Third party technologies can add a depth of security and functionality, they can also create lag and friction. The design of weaving API's together is critical in creating high performing products.

Open banking

New product revenues

Supplementing internal teams effectively

Using compliance and regulatory parameters to your advantage

Identifying and retaining valuable customers