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Dawson Andrews

an independent digital product firm

Monday 01 January 1900

Design for business value.

From startups to billion dollar e-commerce systems, we specialise in driving commercial value through digital products and services.

Here's what we're all about…


Do one thing well

Our disciplines stop and end with the core components needed to scale revenues for a digital product or service; Product Strategy, Product Management, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Research, UX & UI Design, Engineering and Optimisation.


Drive Numbers

Our industry gets too caught up in design and can forget or find it difficult to prove the ROI of creative work. The focus on numbers and results is so intrinsic to our model that we created a new approach to pricing projects based on value.


Commercial Nous

We pride ourselves on being the most commercially focused agency on the planet. We build and scale our own products to diversify our revenue and scale the group. Understanding what a sprint costs and how to prioritise features is part of the value we’ve become known for.

Card Agency Pricing


Commercial Instinct; Breaking the Agency Pricing Model

There is a problem in the deep roots of the agency industry and it sits in the transaction right at the beginning of any client-agency relationship…

Our Approach

A letter to our customers…

When we founded Dawson Andrews, we set out our stall early: a firm of designers and engineers working together on really hard business problems.

You've seen several thousands of agencies offering the same service we offer and are likely tired of fluffy pitches describing ‘USPs”. The reality is that great design and development is now a commodity and accessible almost anywhere in the world. Of course, we consider ourselves to compete with the worlds best in design and engineering but it’s not how or why we win business.

Our backgrounds in data and finance enable us to understand the language of global business, to navigate the toughest board rooms and bridge the gap from strategy to digital execution.

Beautiful aesthetics and solid functioning code are no longer what counts. Instead, it is knowing what to build and design - the ability to measure, articulate and prove our value rather than hiding behind pretty design concepts.

Here's to the refreshing reality of no more bullshit.

Andrew Fulton
Managing Director.

This is not a manifesto.

Our biggest fear in scripting ‘company values’ is that they can too easily remain hypothetical aspirations to satisfy a copywriters ego. We were concerned about creating philosophical statements that could never be implemented or felt. Instead our simple principals act as ‘operating instructions’ that guide everyday behaviour.

Here we go…


Longevity is goal number one.

Exit Strategy? We don’t have one. The irony of a long term vision in this fast paced digital world isn't lost on us.


Will it make the boat go faster?

This question embodies our mindset at DA. Our ability to ask it and answer it is what set’s us apart and applies to the work we do for clients and for internal decisions.


Over communicate.

Two words; [1] accountability [2] clarity.


Be a finisher.

Whether it’s a client project or an internal initiative, it’s easy to be excited, motivated & diligent at the beginning. Value comes in the polish, squeezing that 8/10 to 10/10. Finish what you started.


Pace matters.

Always have a sense of urgency yet never be rushed.


Profitability matters.

We care about running a profitable company and everyone is responsible for contributing to the P&L. Why? It’s not because we’re in it to line pockets & count pennies. Being profitable allows us to be sustainable, make strategic decisions for the long term and ensure job security, a luxury not all companies in our sector can afford. It is important to our customers, we’re not here to low ball deals to win business - we’re going to be around in a few years when they need us. It’s also incredibly important to our employees.



Nothing here is someone else’s problem. Take ownership.


Figure it out.

Our People

We should have probably written something about us being the greatest team or having the best culture on the planet… but we just couldn’t stomach it. Here’s hoping our work speaks for itself. See our work and what our clients have to say.

We are a team of product strategists, designers, developers, researchers and analysts.

Team Andrew

Managing Director

Andrew Fulton

We couldn’t convince Andrew to write this. He’s a stubborn prick. Does something with numbers. 


Director of Design

Jordan Moore

Frustrated by the web’s lack of reverence for type, Jordan alongside Chris Armstrong ( prototyped and conceived the early versions of the now typography giant, Typecast. This focus, largely uncovered at the time, fuelled Jordan’s reputation for his contributions to the early responsive web movement which lead to his work with the BBC as a product lead. 


Head of Apac

Cameron Stewart

From breaking Y-Combinator records to launching international whiskey brands, Cameron is a trusted ear to some of the most influential names, families and boards around the world. Living in Manly, Sydney with his wife Katy, Cameron is heading the growth of Dawson Andrews in key strategic geographies across APAC.

Team Chuck

Senior Front End Developer

Chuck Neely

Chuck worked in one of the UK’s leading design studios; Design by Front, heading up web application development services for O2, BBC and Initially at Typecast, Chuck moved to Monotype as a Senior Engineer where he successfully lead a responsive rebuild of one of the largest Web Font Services in the world -


Project Delivery Manager

Jennifer Winson

Jen heads up project delivery across Dawson Andrews. She has a background in design and now coordinated projects of varying complexities, juggling multiple timezones and stakeholders. Jen is the bridge between every stakeholder and team member required to create a product. She keeps every team accountable to deadlines with clear deliverables assigned on a Kanban weekly sprint system.

Aaron Copy

Design Lead

Aaron Gilmore

Aaron Joined the DA design team having worked on specialised software for sports companies across the UK including, Arsenal FC, Wimbledon, and Lord’s Cricket. Aaron began his career at DA at their headquarters in Belfast, but has since grown with the business and is now based in Berlin, Germany.


Chief Financial Officer

Andy McCormick

Andrew’s background in mathematics, pure mathematics and engineering lead him to be a Global Structured Finance Manager at DLL Group in Dublin where he later became a Credit Risk Analyst. Before joining Dawson Andrews, Andrew oversaw a review of 39-project Governance & Finance Arrangements and conducted a Risk-Benefit Analysis for the NHS.

Gareth Law

Ripley: Head of Sales

Gareth Law

Ripley Chat is a chatbot solution designed for lead generation specifically in the Automotive Space. Ripley originally started as a client project within Dawson Andrews but became the first spin-out company within DAx. Gareth is leading its growth across Europe and the Americas.


Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Claire McIntyre

Claire spent 8 years as Operations Manager for the New York Stock exchange before she became the glue that holds Dawson Andrews together. From assisting in transition/acquisations to keeping the team in sync Claire runs the show here.


Fancy working with us?

At Dawson Andrews, you will craft successful product and digital experiences for the best companies and the most exciting startups. We look to hire for three disciplines but ultimately they all get bundled under ‘Product’ at Dawson Andrews. We hire people for the way they think not necessarily their core skill set.

We are always on the look out for talented designers and engineers. If you feel you would be the right person for us, then email us at


People told us we couldn’t build a global business from this wee country. We disagreed.

Belfast is our home. Despite our founding team working the world’s technical hubs for the guts of a decade (London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Berlin, San Francisco) we found ourselves choosing this humble town as a base to build a global business. Most people think we’re crazy. We’ve thought about this more than most people.

Dax Logo W


We don’t just deliver digital products for our clients. We do it for ourselves too.

DAX is a dedicated function to play with side projects, launch new digital businesses, invest in startups and conduct joint-ventures.